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The front door is a little heavy. Some people struggle with it.

The woman struggling with the door yesterday, at that peaceful timeĀ of day, too late for lunch and too early – strictly speaking – for afternoon tea, announced herself first with her hair.

How To Walk to Work


Organise your life so that you can walk to work every day. It’s the solution to the stresses and strains of modern life and it will make more difference than you could possibly imagine.

How To Sleep


We dedicate more time to sleep than to any other activity except work. Most of us sleep very poorly. We’re just not very good at it. You can solve the problem easily, but it will require some brave decisions.

How to Cook Frozen Peas


I’m giving this method to the world, free of charge. Don’t thank me. My reward is your happy, pea-filled face. (You can also use a microwave).

If in doubt, tidy up


Not sure what to do next? Simple. Tidy up. Here’s why.

Why people quit smoking

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Think you’re quitting smoking for your health? It’s simpler than that.