Sales Letter for a property investment opportunity

The client brief was to produce a long-form Sales Letter that inspired confidence and created a desire to invest large sums of money in a property investment company.

I spoke to the client for an hour, and he sent me three pages of information about the scheme.

I used my knowledge of his business, and the wider property industry, to create this 14-page, 3,900 words, A4-sized Sales Letter, with illustrations. (PDF download).

I was able to complete the work the same day the client sent his brief, having pre-booked the work for that day.

Property Investment Sales Letter

December 2019
From [NAME] of [COMPANY]

Dear Fellow Property Investor,

Thank you for requesting information about the GRWM System: a guaranteed, secured, property-backed, high-interest investment opportunity that enables qualified investors to make a solid income high enough to change your financial fortunes far into the future.

Congratulations: you have already taken the first step towards achieving your financial goals.

What is the GRWM System? A brief introduction

For a long time, this “System” had no name. It was just something I did as part of my normal property business.

After a while, I realised it was something I could offer to qualified investors, as a standalone opportunity quite separate from the day-to-day business of running a property portfolio.

A drawing of a cartoon character

Description automatically generated

It’s the classic win-win Joint Venture approach that many of us recognise we need to find if we are to succeed in business.

I have a steadily expanding, high-yielding portfolio that can profitably utilise funds as quickly as I can raise them.

You have investible funds, between £500 and £500,000, that need to earn their keep and generate interest for you while you sleep.

Wondering what GRWM stands for? It’s a bit corny: but “it does what it says on the tin”.  It means “Guaranteed Revenue With Mitch”. I stand behind your interest with my Personal Guarantee, backed by my personal assets.

Urgent need (see also below)

After much nagging from friends, colleagues, business associates and family members, I finally made time to packaging the GRWM System up neatly, and we opened it up first to 10 and then to 14 private investors, all of whom are still happily invested. The investors include close family members, who I naturally wanted to be the first to benefit.

Now, with our property business experiencing dramatic growth, we have more business than we can currently handle, and are opening up the scheme to the wider private investment community.

You are now reading the result, and I hope that what you read will answer many of your questions, and present an attractive investment proposition that you will give the serious attention it deserves. We have tried to put together a package that will be seriously interesting to qualified private investors.  

I have tried to describe in simple terms exactly what I am offering you, why I am offering it, and what the opportunities and risks are for you, and your financial future.

A simple, straightforward business proposition

When you boil it down, the GRWM System is just a simple, straightforward bit of business: no more and no less.  It’s a process to enable suitable investors to place their money in my long-established, highly-lucrative HMO property lettings business.

You share in the profits by receiving guaranteed interest from my predictable, reliable and consistent HMO lettings cash flows (see table below for details).

What’s in it for me?

Earn interest on your savings

What’s in it for me?

I gain access to the new funds my constantly-expanding, capital-hungry business requires – and of course, I make a more-than-healthy profit too.

I will say this, and it doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not: one of the best things about the GWRM system, from my selfish point of view, is that it gives me the satisfaction of seeing others begin their own property and investing journeys, I knowing I’ve helped them in some small way.

It’s a way that I can give back the help I have been fortunate to receive from mentors and supporters throughout my business career.

I will explain the nitty-gritty details of the GWRM System in a moment, but first, let me tell you something about you, and something about me. Let’s try to understand this strange journey to financial security.

Who are you?

Even if we haven’t met yet, I know something important about you.

You, like me, are looking for a reliable, ethical, safe way to make a decent return on your savings while you sleep.

You are tired of looking for consistently-profitable investments; tired of saving money, only to see it eaten away by the “clothes moths” of inflation and exorbitant fees.

You sometimes notice yourself worrying whether you have yet created an income large enough to sustain you in your (early) retirement – which should be everyone’s goal.

You dream of financial freedom, and spending more precious hours with your parents, your partner, or your children.

I know I used to.

Trevor with his plane

You crave the luxury of saying “no” to work, when you would prefer to spend the time enjoying your hobbies with friends.

I like to fly aeroplanes, and believe me, I could not afford the time or the money to do that if I was dependent on a job for my income.

You wish you had time for life’s simple pleasures. Me, I like a nice pint of beer. Sitting in the pub, chatting – it’s what life’s all about. I have the privilege to do that whenever I want, and I want that for you too.

As Warren Buffett famously said: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

You want to find a way to get involved in the property industry: the foundation of more of the world’s great fortunes than any other.

If you analyse a list of the 100 richest people in the world, all of them without exception have a large property portfolio. It’s the main way, and for most of us the only way, to access large long-term leveraged capital gains.

But something is holding you back. Two specific things, in fact: Fear and Knowledge.


We resist doing something we subconsciously fear.

We fear the unknown. If something seems too easy, we fear it and resist taking the action we know will produce the results we desire: even though success is guaranteed.

We fear change. If you are getting by – just about paying the bills – maybe even saving a little money each month: well done! You are doing better than most.

But that is a vast ocean away from independent, freedom-giving wealth.

Creating significant wealth will cause enormous changes in your life. You will no longer need to worry about the gas bill. You will have new problems to worry about: how to protect and grow that wealth, and how to harness it for your own pleasure and security, and for the benefit of mankind.

Change of that order is terrifying, even if we do not fully appreciate or acknowledge that fact.

Subconscious fear creates resistance. Resistance creates inertia. Inertia means nothing changes, however desperately and urgently we desire that change with our conscious minds.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – but how do you move from “a little” knowledge to real mastery? By making mistakes, usually, which creates yet more fear.

You have probably worked out by now that the property industry is the most magnificent route to serious wealth known to man.  Great: but that does not instantly give you all the contacts and practical knowledge you need to join in the fun.

All the books, courses and seminars in the world are no substitute for an ounce of real-world experience.

You know that, so naturally, you hesitate to spend vast sums on buying, refurbishing and letting property.

Fear and (lack of) Knowledge are drag-anchors on your property voyage. You will get nowhere until you find a way to address these two crushing problems.

I know this just about as well as anyone, and if I introduce myself properly, you will understand why.

My long and winding financial journey

I know something about you, and if we are going to start working together, I had better tell you something about myself, so you know the kind of man you are dealing with.

Those two problems I just mentioned, Fear and Knowledge: they are real. I should know. I have devoted my whole life to understanding this challenge.

A group of people preparing food in a commercial kitchen

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I was not always a property investor.

For many years I worked as a chef. I started right at the bottom.  The hours were long and hard.  The working environment was often brutal. 

Yet I loved it – food has always been a great passion of mine.

I realised, even then, that if I ever wanted to give my family financial security, I needed to start putting a little bit of money aside.

I began saving a few pounds from my wages each week.

Quite quickly, I realised this wasn’t going to work.

Those few pounds would never add up to anything like enough.  If I was ever going to have the luxury of going to work because I wanted to – not because I had to, I was going to have to make my money work for me, not the other way around.

A close up of a sign

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It was around this time that I first read Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think And Grow Rich”. I remember it like it was yesterday.  It is no exaggeration to say it changed the whole course of my life.

Later, I read “The Richest Man In Babylon” and “The Millionaire Next Door”.

These great writers confirmed what I had realised: saving money is only the start. I had to make my meagre savings work as hard as I did. Even when I was getting a few hours precious kip in between shifts in the kitchen.

Since then, I have studied money in every spare moment I get. Not in a dry, academic way – if you’ve met me you will know that’s not me at all.

I read everything I can get my hands on – so long as it’s written by practical people like me. People who have had to get their hands dirty scraping a living and turning those scrapings into gold.

And I study it in the practical workshop of life. What works, what doesn’t work. As my business has grown, so have my opportunities to learn.

A simple secret, hidden in plain sight

The only question is, how to make your money work harder than you do?

It’s a simple question that most of us spend a lifetime trying and failing to answer.

Here’s the answer:

Trickles of money become streams, and streams flow together to create a mighty river.

  Saving money is only the first step. All the time your savings are sitting in a bank or building society, their value is being eroded by inflation and bank fees.

I realised this, and as soon as I had enough, I began investing my money in property.

A picture containing person, indoor, table, wall

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That was thirty hard years ago, and it’s been a hard but fascinating learning experience which (despite losses and an expensive divorce along the way) has brought me the financial freedom that I dreamed of all those years ago.

Every pound working for you

You have to get your money out working for you. Every pound is a soldier that needs to be on the front line of the war against inflation.

Albert Einstein once said that “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe”. The interest on your money starts earning its own interest.

A close up of a person

Description automatically generated

That force needs time to work. The sooner you begin, the sooner you harness the vast might of compound interest in your favour.

The longer you delay, the longer compound interest is working against you in the form of inflation.

Your financial goal should be not to live off the interest on your savings, but to live off the interest on your interest.

With that in mind, let me now describe to you the GRWM system in detail: I hope it will help you take your first steps on that lifelong journey to ever-increasing financial freedom.

The GRWM System in detail

I have now finally finished devising a system based upon my profitable property business.

The GRWM System ticks all the investment boxes.  It removes the fear and creates knowledge and understanding, to enable your dream of financial freedom and security to come alive.

This is a tested, consistent, methodical approach. Currently 14 investors are already making good returns.

I have now built up sufficient confidence and evidence to be willing to open up the system to a limited number of new qualified investors. It works as follows.

  1. You select the sum of money and a corresponding monthly or annual interest you desire from the table below. Investment amounts are between £500 and £500,000.
  2. There is a modest up-front fee payable to cover legal costs, which is calculated based on the amount invested.

    My company uses your money to fund parts of our highly-profitable property business.
  3. We pay interest back to you either monthly or annually, as you prefer, at the following rates:

Paying interest MONTHLY

£500-£9,000         1.6116%     £5,000 pays £80.58 pcm
£9,001- £19,000   2.6320%     £15,000 pays £394.80 pcm
£19,001-£29,000   3.6716%     £25,000 pays £917.90 pcm
£29,001-£99,000   4.0000%     £50,000 pays £2,000 pcm

Paying interest ANNUALLY

£500-£19,000          20%       £10,000 pays £2,000 p.a.£19,001-£60,000      21%       £50,000 pays £10,500 p.a.£60,000-£300,000    24%     £250,000 pays £60,000 p.a.
£300,000 up           please enquire

5.    If you want to invest a large amount, I am also happy to JV direct on any property or properties, so long as you fund the entire deal.

In that case we will come to separate arrangements outside this scheme.

As a matter of fact, we have already purchased three properties using this approach.

How do we use your money to create profits?

My company specialises in HMOs. I have been in the property business for 30 years now, specialising in this lucrative sector for 8 years.

We are the only company in the sector working for a unique and valuable client.

That client is a well-known, long-established charity, owned by a large corporate, and working on large, recurring Government contracts.

A picture containing sky, photo, wall

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They have a massive, growing need all over the country for 6-bed HMOs and they outsource this requirement to us. They rent from us at 20% above normal market rates.

The reason that works for them is that they need a guaranteed number of rooms, and the nature of the tenancies means that the maintenance burden is higher than normal. Additionally, they save large amounts of money by not investing their own capital in the properties.

Why open the scheme up to private investors (ie YOU)?

We have a long-standing contract to supply our client’s room requirements nationwide.

They now require an additional 3,000 rooms which means we need to purchase and refurbish 500 properties in different areas across the country.

You can imagine the scale of this undertaking from our point of view. Whilst we are fortunate to have experienced and capable staff, well able to handle the matter from an administrative point of view, financially we need a large amount of money to provide deposits for the purchase and refurbishment of 500 properties.

Simply put, we have more business coming in than we can fund from cashflow alone.

This is where private investment comes in. In order to bridge the funding gap, we have taken the decision to open up the scheme up to new investors such as you.

Time is the problem

You might well ask: Surely any bank or large investor would lend money on such a sound proposition?

You would think so, and so did we. But having spoken to a number of our known funders, we have quickly realised that the problem is TIME.

We need to buy these properties NOW so we can begin the work of refurbishing them and opening them up as quickly as possible to waiting tenants.

Every property we open houses 6 tenants. There are 3,000 tenants waiting or anticipated. You can see the problem.

The amount of time it takes funders to complete their internal due-diligence processes and secure the property is a large risk to our business. We cannot afford to let down the charity or its tenants and risk failing to meet our contract.

As a corporate team we have therefore taken the decision to go down the private investment route. We believe we have put together an excellent package in the GRWM System, which shares the profits equitably between you as the investor and us as the company managing the contract delivery, whilst providing a quality service to the client and their tenants.

Investment fees

There are costs to each investment and I have tried to be upfront about this. We have factored-in legal fees, administrative time (ie staff wages), personal guarantees (PGs), corporate setup and accountancy.

Even after taking these into account, we have still been able to offer an excellent rate of return due to the large amount of money we are saving elsewhere by going down this route, as I think you will agree:


Paying interest MONTHLY

£500-£9,000              £22
£9,001- £19,000        £31
£19,001-£29,000        £48
£29,001-£99,000        £64

Paying interest ANNUALLY

£500-£19,000          £64
£19,001-£60,000      £64
£60,000-£300,000    £64
£300,000 up            £64

This is NOT for everyone

A person wearing a suit and tie

Description automatically generated

If you are reading this, you are probably already well aware that this kind of investment is NOT suitable for everyone.

You must invest only a percentage of your available funds and you must be a “sophisticated investor”.

It is up to you to consider the risks inherent in the scheme, for example the risk of business failure.

All I would say to that point is that we currently have the opposite problem and are to a degree victims of our own success. We have established such a strong track record of satisfying the rooms contract that the client has asked us to provide the additional 3,000 rooms.

Huge interest

There has been huge interest in this opportunity from the investors I have spoken to privately about it, in advance of opening it up to a slightly wider audience.

Therefore, may I respectfully suggest that you give this matter your urgent attention, if you think it is likely to be something you want to be involved with.

Case Study: Mark S.

One of our early investors, Mark S, spoke with me to discuss his financial situation.

I was quickly able to establish that his personal income level was holding him back from enjoying life to the full.

Put simply, he needed to increase his income so that he could give his young family some of those little extras, without increasing his hours at work.

A picture containing outdoor, person, man, sky

Description automatically generated

That was Mark’s “WHY” – the reason he wanted to improve his financial position.

Yours might be similar, or it might be completely different. We all have different “WHYS” – different financial goals, and often they change over time.

Mark invested £29,000 on 21st October 2019.

On 21st November 2019, Mark received interest of £1,064.76.

Judging by his comments on my Facebook page (have a look!), and his private messages to me, he has a few spare quid in his pocket to buy me a pint!  

Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Chris Grosser said: “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”.

Might I suggest to you that if you are looking to create opportunities in your financial and personal life, you give the most serious and careful consideration to the proposition I have outlined to you today?


Trickles of money become streams, and streams flow together to create a mighty river.

You want to invest. What happens next?

If, having considered the opportunity, you want to go ahead and invest an affordable, conservative sum, the process is as follows.

  1. Choose your level of investment and monthly/annual return from the table above.
  2. This investment is by application only. Contact me to express your interest by sending an email to  [email address], stating your investment level and briefly explaining that you are a sophisticated investor and you understand the kind of risks associated with investments of this kind, and whether you have the funds available immediately, or at what notice.
  3. I or one of my colleagues will then reply, attaching a form which you will need to complete giving further details.
  4. We will then conduct our own due diligence (money-laundering checks and other processes in accordance with FCA guidelines).
  5. If we are able to accept you as an investor, I will inform you and give you the Company bank details. At the same time, you will need to give us your bank details for us to make your interest payments.
  6. We will then send you a Loan Agreement to sign electronically via DocuSign. There is no need for you to go to the expense of instructing a Solicitor to prepare paperwork, but of course, it is open for you do do so if you wish, to check the Loan Agreement, Personal Guarantee, and Security against [the Company].
  7. You can then invest whenever is convenient for you by simply making a bank transfer to [the Company]. There is no time limit and at no point will you come under any pressure to transfer your money.

    As mentioned, your money is secured against the Company, and also backed by my Personal Guarantee, meaning you can claim against my personal assets even if the Company became insolvent.

    Investments over £150,00 will be directly secured by means of a Charge on one of the properties.
  8. As soon as we receive your loan advance, you will begin accruing interest, which will be paid on the 1st of every month. 

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact me on the same email address [email address] and I will do my very best to answer them.

If you would like to speak to me, again please just send an email and we will set up a call.

I will be starting a dedicated Facebook Group for investor Q&As, so everyone can pool our knowledge and experience.

I will post photos of properties we buy in the group. It is my hope that everyone will feel well-informed and involved in how the Company is investing YOUR money.

The Facebook Group will eventually feature a “book a call” system, so you can book out a time in my diary for a conversation with me about this opportunity.

Thank you

Many thanks again for your interest in this opportunity. I hope we will end up working together to our mutual benefit and ever-increasing financial security and freedom.

           Yours sincerely,

                    [COMPANY NAME]

PS. My own mother, daughter, and a couple of close friends are already invested and enjoying the guaranteed extra income!

I have also invested personal funds into the GRWM System and have so much confidence in it that I will be personally guaranteeing your money, in order to add extra security.

PPS. When you receive your first monthly or annual interest (whatever you chose from the table above), you will be sorely tempted to spend some of it on fun and adventures.

That is well and good, and it’s right you should enjoy the benefits of increasing financial success, but please remember that if you want to improve your financial position, you must reinvest most of it into diverse, secure, lucrative investments, so that the compounding effect can take effect – that is where the real power lies. T.M.

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