Advert: Profitable newspaper ad for a Tea Factory and Shop

This is an advert I wrote for the tea factory in Portsmouth.

The aim of the ad was to get people to visit the factory shop, which was in an out-of-the-way location (hence the detailed description at the end).

The advert and versions of it was published weekly on the back page of the Saturday edition of the local paper and it was profitable for several years.

We later ran a version with a map, with no discernible change in results.

We also used variants of it for particular promotions, which were also successful (but I can;t find the clippings).

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They Laughed When I Told Them It Was
“Portsmouth Tea”.

But When They Tasted It….!

My visitors had driven down from London.

“This is Portsmouth Tea”, I told them, stirring the milk in. They glanced at each other. “I make it specially for the local water – there’s more chalk in it than there is water.”

“Portsmouth Tea?” said one, grinning. “It’s not exactly Harrods, is it?”. They burst out laughing. “I suppose you’re going to tell me you grow it on Portsdown Hill!” They fell about!

Then They Tasted It

Instantly, the smiles faded from their lips and they fell silent. “Not bad…” said one, and the other nodded, and started to smile, but this time it was a smile of appreciation. “THAT is a superb cup of tea” he murmured – more to himself than to me. I’d saved two more people from terrible tea.

“I Hate You…”

“… I can’t drink supermarket tea any more!”

That’s the comment I hear most often about Portsmouth Tea… and my other 150-odd teas, herbal teas and fruit infusions.

You see, tea has got worse over the last 50 years. The supermarkets force the big tea companies to reduce their prices. How do you think they do that? Of course – by buying cheaper tea! Result: we’ve forgotten what proper tea tastes like.

So, 6 years ago, I started “All About Tea” to import, blend and pack the best teas in the world. Since then, I have perfected Portsmouth Tea. Of course, I’m biased – but I think you’ll find it’s the best tea you’ve ever tasted. But be warned. You’ll never want to drink supermarket tea again.

Claim Your Free Taster pack of Tea – Just Visit
All About Tea And Mention This Advert

All About Tea is open to the public, 7 days per week. Visit and mention this ad. I’m so confident that you’ll like my tea that I’ll give you a Taster Pack – 10 teabags or 25g of tea in a resealable foil pack – to take home – absolutely FREE. You don’t need to buy anything to claim your tea.

We’re at 56 Middle Street, PO5 4BP. Middle Street runs N/S from Winston Churchill Avenue to Elm Grove – it’s the same road as Norfolk Street and Eldon Street. We’re near Sunrise Stained Glass, Unipart and the PDSA.

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