Website: Ed’s Bangers

    Ed’s Bangers is a multi award-winning catering business selling home-made sausages from a market stall.

    They serve the festivals and shows market, and work all hours to make and serve their home-made sausages.

    Jason (Ed to his army pals) is in his last two years of Army service, and he requires a business to provide for his family (including his baby son, born at the same time he launched this fantastic business.

    They have had great success in their first year of trading, and now it’s time for the next phase of expansion, which means a website to project a friendly, professional image to festival organisers.

    They also want to open up a direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel.

    Jason approached me for advice and help, and I built him a site to showcase his business, with a full online shop for B2C sales.

    Future possible developments include a “Trade” section, as he is already receiving wholesale enquiries from local catering businesses.

    The site is built using WordPress, with the ecommerce functionality provided by the WooCommerce plugin.

    These are both standard, popular, well-supported platforms which are easy to use and maintain. That is an important point, since small businesses typically cannot devote large amounts of time to a website.

    Two features of note are the Events and Reviews feeds. These both come from Facebook, which saves a huge amount of data entry and encourages customers to interact with both the website and the Facebook Page.

    I also set up email marketing for Jason, using the popular MailChimp platform. There are big, prominent forms, styled to match the website theme, which encourage users to sign up for news and updates. Jason’s mailing list will gradually become a hugely valuable asset as his business grows.

    The site is responsive and works equally well across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile device, landscape and portrait orientation).


    • Shop (WooCommerce)
    • Blog
    • One-page website design (with additional pages and blog) by means of lightweight custom plugin
    • Photo gallery
    • Reviews and Events pages utilising Facebook feeds
    • Security via Wordfence and Cloudflare
    • Mailchimp email marketing
    • SEO using Yoast plugin
    • Also configured Email, Google Analytics, Search console, etc.



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